Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Max and Joe's snatch test, ponderings, and progress.

Below is some video of Joe Sarti and Max Shank re-certifying at the Pendleton RKC.

Now, I'm going to throw this out there and see if it sticks. The snatch test is too easy. Some may not like to hear that, but it's a fact. Joe, Max and I are all about 5'7"-5'9" and 170-185 ish. So we're about the same size. I'd lay down money we can all pass our snatch test in about 3 mintues. Maybe 3:30 on a rough day. We can all hit 100 reps in 5 minutes in our sleep.
So my thing is, right now big guy's get screwed. They have to hit 100 reps, but probably do not have the S&C or technique that we have. Meanwhile we skate.
So here's my crazy plan: 100 reps across the board. That's it. Problem solved dude! It also addresses the issue of people who only need 80 snatches squeaking through with bad technique. They don't have to fix their technique flaws because they only need 80 snatches. Also, think of all the time you save not weighing everyone!
I think switching the majority of the women taking the snatch test to the 16 kg. was perfect. No problem there.
Want to make RKC II real interesting? Go back to measuring out your reps by bodyweight in kilos... but on the 32 kg. Let's see some people just hitting the floor! Don't worry, get them a Gatorade and they'll be just fine.
Don't get me wrong, I love the RKC and it is the best certification out there. Notice I didn't say 'I think' it's the best cert out there. It is.
However, we all know I'm not in the business of making things easier. The great thing about the RKC is that it is a living organism, like rust we never sleep. If we're doing one thing and realize that something else works better, we change and adapt.

On another note my training is going very well. I'm locked down on the warrior diet. Remember that thing I said about not having a nutritional plan? Scrap that. Hey, I'm just as screwed up as any of you on a daily basis, so this type of stuff shouldn't come as a surprise.
Anyway, I have been super strict with my eating and it is being reflected in my training progress. I'm scary close on all three of my goals for 2009 and we're in the first month. I think I can knock them out by June. We'll see. My Beast pistol is close, and I'm finally leaping ahead in my pull up progress. I Bent Pressed the 40 kg. like it was a toy, and next time I see a 48 kg. it's getting bent pressed.


  1. The current rules favor beanpoles and shrimps with lady hands, but they also help the 250 and over crowd. Let's just be sure to keep the 100 rep cap in place, shall we?

    I'm expecting RKC black ops to materialize and haul you away Ghost-style for the heresy, but you keep fighting the good fight. We'll remember and speak of you in hushed tones after you are gone. The gulag is very cold this time of year, comrade so I suggest you wear warm socks. It's not just rust that never sleeps.

  2. One of my back teeth has a cyanide capsule in it. I'm prepared for the worst.

  3. The snatch test favors really strong, short guys weighing between 160 and 180 who have worked their asses off to be good at snatching.

    Big guys can have just as much conditioning and technique as smaller guys if they work at it. In addition, the weight is automatically lighter because they're big. In other words, it's more likely to be "cardio" right from the get-go for bigger guys, and cardio is way easier to improve than strength.

    At 150-160, I had to work my ass off, strength-wise and technique-wise, to move the 24kg into the "cardio" category, where I could lift continuously for time. You just ain't going to lift a "heavy" weight 100 times in a row, so the only option is to transform it into a "light" weight by getting stronger. Good cardio doesn't help very much when the weight is so heavy that you're operating anaerobically the whole time.

    Even if they need only 60 snatches to pass, really little guys (if they exist) are the ones getting the shaft. To them, 24kg is like 32kg for YOU. I know you can do 60 reps easily with the 32, but does it seem like a reasonable minimum requirement?

  4. How about this, 100 snatches on the 40 kg., but you get to subtract your IQ from the 100. So if you're dumb, you better be strong

  5. Jordan

    while it may be a bit easier than the old test it still is more of a test of cardio and overall conditioning than grip strength, which the old test was mainly about.it's plenty hard enough for us to see what people bring to the table at the RKC.especially for the lighter guys where the 24 kg is a much bigger percentage of their weight than for the bigguns.


  6. Good points Rif. I still think the 40 kg. test with IQ subtraction may be the answer.

  7. DD would start selling Ginkgo along with their 40kg bells.

  8. you kill me dude. you are aaron together would cause cardiac arrest,lol.