Monday, January 5, 2009

High volume pistols= smoked

I'm sure I've put up this exact same blog entry before. Today I returned to the high volume pistols starting with the 12 kg. and then moving to the 16 kg. for a total of about 50 reps per leg. Ultimately I need to double that. Everything felt good, knees felt great, but man I was smoked by the end.
I set up a white board in front of me and wrote down all of my performance cues so that they were in my line of site, as well as using it to track my sets and reps.
Pistols equal strong legs. I was thinking about this today, and that I've often seen people set the pistol as the goal, and once the goal is achieved they move on instead of adding the pistol to their strength training arsenal.


  1. Bulgarian split squats with the 12kg. 2 sets of 5 on each leg was enough today.

    This shit is hard, and I expect the rewards are great should I ever grow a pair.

  2. Trust me, I hate these things. I just go by a general rule that if I hate something, it's probably really good.