Sunday, January 18, 2009

Camp Pendleton RKC

This thursday and Friday I had the great honor of serving as an assistant instructor at an RKC held for the Marines on board Camp Pendleton in Southern California. Over sixty Marines took the field Thursday morning, and Friday evening they were all proficient in the core drills, and some even received their RKC. This is quite an achievement considering most had never used kettlebells, and many did not even know what they were.
I served in the Marine Corps from 1997-2001 and 2005 in the Infantry. Back then I knew that what we were doing for physical training was off the mark, and being able to see and be part of the evolution of physical training for these Marines was great.
In a bizarre twist of fate a friend of mine who I was at 2nd F.A.S.T. with in 98 and 99 was there as well.
Most of the instructors there were on their own dime, volunteering to help make this happen. Being part of this school of strength is a matter of great pride for me. The RKC is not just a 'kettlebell certification', there's something more at work here.

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  1. Awesome Jordan! I'm sure it was well worth the trip!!!