Friday, January 9, 2009

Breathing through pressing ladders

This is a video I put together in response to someone's question about maximizing technique in pressing ladders. Primary points covered are breathing and minimizing early muscle fatigue.


  1. Jordan, good points about breathing. I suppose it needs to be said that you can rest between reps.

    John Roberts has developed a sweet clean & press ladder that combines the 24kg and the 32kg. Check it our here:

    * 32kg for 1 and 2
    * 24kg bottoms up for 3
    * 24kg press for 4 and 5

    This could be really good info for those graduating to a heavier kettlebell for ETK.

  2. I dig that ladder. I may implement it. The Pendleton RKC was the first time I put the 24 kg. up bottoms up on my left side. I feel more balanced now.

  3. Now that you've done it once, reps are forthcoming. This is a fact.