Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting serious and new projects.

I was thinking today about why we train. If you aren't in a sport, and your life doesn't depend on a certain level of fitness, why train? Well, general health and fitness are good. What else? I enjoy it. So if you can train in a manner that moves you towards your goals and you enjoy vs. a manner that move you towards your goals but you don't enjoy, hmm... decision, decisions.
It's important to recognize that you do need to have goals, if only to make sure you're going somewhere. They don't have to be crazy goals, but they need to exist.
I've become a little more free-form with my training of late, keeping the long cycle ladders from RTK as my centerpiece so to speak. As long as I keep moving forward that's okay. The important thing is to have the honesty to recognize when what you are doing is not working and make the necessary adjustments.
I love the bent press. I miss... the bend press. I've been working hard on my shoulder mobility and I'm up to 2/3. It won't be long before I even out. The internal rotation in my right shoulder is starting to dissipate.
I've been off the pistols because I know my tight hips and inability to hold onto the heavy bells is a problem. I'm working on the hips and have devised something I call goblet walks. They are exactly what they sound like. I bring up a 32 or 40 kg. like I'm about to do a goblet squat and go for a walk. I'll run some video soon. This sucks something awful.
I have a few projects on the horizon, two of which will be done this year.
The Corrections Vol. II should be done by the end of the year. More details to come. I'm working on an e-book I don't want to say anything about yet, but I think it will be good.
Nevermind the other 541 things I'm working on.

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