Monday, August 31, 2009

Why is it cool to make fun of special needs children?

It seems like the only population left that it's okay to slander and make fun of is those with special needs. I don't talk about this much, but my stepson is a special needs child. He is the light of my life and is a constant inspiration to me. His life is a struggle but he never quits and he is already a better man than most people I know. So why is it okay to make 'short bus' comments or refer to things as 'retarded' in a demeaning manner? Why is it okay to actually compare someone to a 'retarded kid' to cut them down? I'm not talking about grade schoolers, I'm talking about grown adults. What the hell is wrong with people? I have been around special needs kids my whole life, my parents ran an emergency care service. There is nothing there to make fun of, believe me. We look a lot more foolish on a daily basis than these children ever do. Why would you make fun of someone who is so full of life and love and determination? I see plenty of fake people running around talking about how full of love and enlightenment they are, then turn right around and make 'retarded kid' jokes.
I just don't get it. Maybe that's for the best.


  1. Good job on calling people out on their language. You're right, it happens all the time. People make the comments without even thinking of it's impact or true meaning. I know I have been guilty of this. On behalf of all of the ignorant folks out there, thanks for the kick in the ass!

  2. Just to be safe i slander every single population, every age group, all religions, all creeds, all countries. I am really fair too, because the only race i Hate is the human race.

    I love all these PC ass holes, because they do exactly when you have called out here. People are still every bit as intolerant as they ever have been, except now they just rotate who they talk about. I will focus primarily on non hackers, quitters and weak people for at least the next three months, than i plan on moving to people who are either more educated then me or less educated.

    People = Shit

    that is my logical conclusion from the last 9 years of dedicated study of the human animal.

  3. Adam, you were borderline for a while. Then you crossed the border.
    I get the general concept though. I'm in Cancun right now and Vanessa and I have barely spoken to another soul because we generally find everyone else to be not awesome.

  4. Cancun = Mecca for the not awesome
    Cancun on a holiday weekend = Hell
    People = Terribly Insecure

    Who says it's ok to make fun of special needs kids? The same classy folks who make fun of the homeless and the mentally ill?

    It's people making themselves feel a little better about their own, less apparent disabilities.

    Could we look into the hearts concealed from us, we should often pity where we hate and love where we think we can never forgive.

  5. Jordan, We have a special needs son as well. It makes me cringe what I hear some people say. It elevates them, the "jokers", through misguided humor. My son is precious. Those that would harm him in his heart are not safe around me.

    Keep up the good fight. Enjoying your video: The Corrections.


    Nathan Sears