Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My first bend of a Gr8 Bolt

Today I took down my first Gr8 Bolt. This should effectively be the precursor to bending the Red Nail. I think inside a month or two I'll have these going down pretty easy. We'll see what happens from there.


  1. Awesome bend Jordan!

    By the way where do you get your bolts from? Ive been bending some grade 5 & 8 bolts made here in South Africa but there seem to be different types of grade bolts, some are normal and therefore i can bend, while others are made from high tensile steel and they don't even bend in a vice?? this makes my bending very erratic. Any thoughts would be appreciated?

  2. Thanks Terrence. I get mine from either Fastenal or fatbastardbarbellco.com
    Fastenal is a hardware type store. Not sure if they're in SA. I'd go through Fat Bastard if you can.