Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rooting out weaknesses

Today I hit some steel bending, card tearing, and sledge leveraging. I pushed myself a little to find my weaknesses and address them. My wrists are not strong enough. I tried a DU bend of a 1/4"x7" nail and got owned. I could feel it in my wrists. Part of this was technique, but I need to bring my wrists up. I hit some respectable reverse style bends on yellow nails. I'm going to start hitting that harder.
My card tearing flat out sucked. I need to generate more power in my initial tears instead of wresting with the things for two minutes. It's also a grip issue from what I can tell. I had some of the outer cards flake off because I wasn't clamping down hard enough.
Sledge leveraging is going well. I hit the 12 pounder in the hardware store the other day. I see the 16 pounder not being far off, but it's a big leap.
I have to get back into my nail bending and card tearing books, watch some video, and work hard.

BTW I added in the clip from my previous Gr8 bend at the end. Everything else was from today's training. I went after the Gr8 a couple times but it kicked my ass. I think I was just too smoked from everything else and the previous day's workouts. Tomorrow off.

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