Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kettlebells for Fitness Trainers at Equinox Palo Alto Sept. 12-13

I'm all locked in for another kettlebell training course for PT's at Equinox Fitness in Palo Alto. This will go September 12th-13th 9-5 both days. We will be addressing the basics of hard-style kettlebells along with a presentation on the Functional Movement Screen. This will cover just the very, very basic elements of FMS so as not to detract from learning proper technique with the kettlebells. Primarily we will be addressing specific aspects of it that tend to pop up over and over again in regard to the use of kettlebells.
In addition to the registered Equinox trainers I am also opening up two slots for outside trainers. I won't be doing another of these for a while, so if you're interested this is the time.
The cost for the workshop is $250. In addition to the workshop itself you'll receive a copy of my Corrections DVD and a manual.

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