Friday, August 14, 2009

Took my snatch test today

I'm a little paranoid about this kind of stuff, so I wanted to make sure I can pass my snatch test at RKC this month under any conditions. So I opted to go for less than optimal conditions. Part of this included the fact I had barely eaten any solid food all day because of a topsy turvey schedule.
I did my workout today around noon which consisted of my beast tamer protocol. This added up to
Mil Press/ 28 kg. 30 total reps.
Pistol/ 32 kg. 10 total reps
Pull Up/ 12 kg. 10 total reps.
Then like the little genius I am I snatch tested myself four hours later. Still no solid food.
Outcome: 100 reps on the 24 kg. in 4:45. Slower than my previous 4:20.
It'll do.

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  1. What do you call a medical student who finished at the bottom of the class?

    A doctor.

    Do it better if and when you want to.