Saturday, August 8, 2009

Working my Long Cycle ladders

These things are no joke. I've been working up the ladders from RTK and am currently on two 28 kg. bells for ladders of 2,4,6. I ran some video the other day. Overall I'm pretty happy with my technique. While I could get my elbow tighter, understand I am not going for a GS elbows on hips rack position. I did GS style jerks for about a year and a half before learning the hard-style jerk, and there is a difference.


  1. Those look brutal! I just started doing some double cleans lately with 16 and 20 kg bells and I'm feeling it.

  2. Oops..correction...I was doing them with 20 & 24 kg bells.

  3. That is no joke. I will be getting my RTK soon....have already been doing jerks and LC, but looking forward to learning how to put them into a program