Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Inner Strength

I'm watching some television right now, or as my great grandmother referred to it I'm "Looking at the television." I don't know why, but that always struck me as being funny.
This is some thing about people who want the perfect body and have surgery or do all these goofy workouts. This guy is going on and on about how everyone looks at him and it's kind of sad. It's this weird attention seeking deal based solely upon how you look. Meanwhile I know this character would be carried out of my workout in a bodybag. That's not really attention seeking behavior on my part, it's a lesson plan. It's a matter of being able to make it through the apocalypse, should it come to that. Hey, I'm a worst case scenario kind of guy. Not because I'm a negative person, but because I want to be prepared. Better to know how to rock it with an MP5 and not have to, than need to and not know how to rack a round in the chamber.
Back to the point... this is insane. I'm watching this right now. So this guy says he wants to look like a statue, and his dad is shaving his ass. He says he shaves what he can, and his dad shaves his backside. WTF?!
Look. I hope that when the day comes I am the best father I can possibly be. However, comma, if my son ever asks me to shave his ass, I will throw him out of the house. Clearly I have failed.
Often when I see this type of behavior I know it's because they lack self confidence, and they're trying to make it up by setting themselves up for positive feedback.
Here's my thing. I don't really care how big you are. I don't care how sweet your six pack abs are. Are you a good father? Do you treat people respectfully? Most Importantly, can you TGU 100 lbs.? :)
Then there are the women, who are worse than the men, unfortunately, which is usually not the case. Usually it's the women who have our number something fierce. I think if I was judged solely upon how I looked it would really bum me out. You really have to have something else to offer other than your appearance. If you don't, maybe your dad should have thrown you out of the house.
Below is the mighty Pantera. If you don't currently train with them, you should.

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