Monday, February 4, 2008

Making the pieces fit

The last week was nuts, and to make matters worse my shoulders both decided to take a vacation. Piercing pain in the right shoulder made putting anything overhead impossible. Then as the pain dissipated from the right shoulder the left flared up with the exact same thing. What does this tell me? I'm not injured for one thing, and something's locked up. Went in to my massage guy and he confirmed I was locked up between my shoulders blades, and my left shoulder is freaking out. I figured out it was the pull=ups, and some detail I was not seeing caused it. Not a huge deal, i just need to pay attention and make sure I don't do it again. My shoulders have always been kind of tricky.
I'm shaving my training down, kicking out the max VO2 for now and switching to timed sets. Mixing sets of snatches and jerks with pull ups. After the TSC I'll go back to max VO2, but for now I find my body responds better to training within the mode of the event, so timed sets.
Now there is the matter of body weight. This turns into a bit of a math problem. I'm walking around at 165-170 right now depending on the time of day, but my body is most comfortable around 155. Question: At what point will a weight drop start shaving more poundage off my deadlift than I make up in pull ups? Really, I don't think that much. I've pulled 385 at 155 lbs. before on a regular basis, I know I can pull 405 right now at 165-170. I'm pretty confident that if I get up to 425 at my current weight, I will still be able to pull it at 155, but will also gain 5 or more pull ups. I know I can bang out 20 pull ups at 155. Probably 15 right now.

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