Sunday, February 17, 2008

San Jose RKC

Today I went out to the RKC in San Jose, CA. If I weren't already sold on getting out to one this summer (which I am) I would be now. Everyone here was ready for game time. Everyone knew that if you show up to this thing out of shape you're going to get crushed. In a good way, in a way that benefits you.
I hear people make a lot of silly excuses for why they don't read Pavel's books, or aren't interested in the RKC. There are certain points in life where you just have to do the math and accept the calculations you recieve. This guy has the goods, clearly. I think some people assumed I wasn't interested in the RKC, but quite the opposite. 2007 was like a battering ram hitting me at 120 mph every five seconds for 12 months straight, but now that it's over I'm free to work for myself.
It was good to be around a bunch of people walking down the correct path, not rocking the leg extension machines and doing hard cardio sessions on the exercise bike. It was good being around a group that doesn't move away from the pain.
I picked up a couple kettlebells to improve my morning snatch sessions as well as a copy of the Beyond Stretching Seminar DVD. Don't bother trying to call me for the next week. This thing is lke 5 hours long.
The tears on my left hand have already closed up and I am ready to destroy.

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  1. Jordan,

    The Beyond Stretching DVDs are awesome, I may be biased because since Kori and I are in a few shots, it is by far my favorite Pavel DVD.

    Every time I watch it I realize how much I forget.


    You'll have a blast at witch ever cert you choose to go to. There is no other placed you'll be around 100 other people who all like to do the same thing you do...fantastic atmosphere.