Friday, February 15, 2008

Max VO2 build up strategy

So you've got good snatch form, and you have some endurance, but you get smashed about 5 mintues into trying to do your Max VO2 snatch workout. I'll go out on a limb and say that for some of you this is mental, but for others of you, you just need an efficient strategy for building up your endurance and mental toughness. Doing the Max VO2 and adding minutes until you hit the 25 is one strategy, but I prefer to start right out of the gate with as much punishment as you can sustain. In reference to that I present you with my Max VO2 build up strategy.
This isn't really anything new I don't think, and some of you may already be doing it, but I'm the guy who made the excel sheet. :)
This is pretty simple. All we are doing is taking Max VO2 15/15 and breaking it up in to 5, 5 minute blocks. In the beginning you may be able to snatch through all 5 blocks, but find you need a 2-3 minute break between two of them. All you do is consistently whittle that break down throughout your workouts. Don't try to make big jumps, if you could you would already be doing that, in which case you know you're just weak sauce and could have done it all along. We want steady progression.
Now maybe you fall in the category of someone who just can't snatch for 25 minutes yet. Perhaps your hands are a factor. If so I suggest the Tracy Socks. Otherwise you would integrate swings. The idea is to get 25 minutes of work, and not let the excuse machine get us out early. In this case you will employ swings once you are unable to keep up snatches. Preferably one handed swings, and once those wear out you transition to two handed swings. Again, the idea here is to keep the work going for the full 25 minutes. If you must take breaks between the five minute blocks, keep them under 3 minutes, as it is highly unlikely you really need more than that, you just think you do.
Download the MaxVO2 Progression Sheet here.

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