Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Todd's 10 minute long cycle

I like to recognize when things go well with a client, and so I thought I'd put up a post regarding one of my clients; Todd.
We started out at the beginning of July when I got back from my little vacation on the east coast. He was the first new client I recruited.
At the time he was able to do 7 push-ups, and could swing a 16 kilo kettlebell about 7 reps before fatigue took him out. Performing my bodyweight circuit of 3 rounds of 30 squats, 10 push ups, and 5 burpees was iffy at best. Now Todd does over 40 push ups, finished the bodyweight circuit with a sub 2:40 time, and snatches the 24 kilo for reps. He does the Max VO2 15/15 7 reps per 15 for 25 minutes, and now performs the Max VO2 36/36 for 20 sets. Never mind all the sled dragging and other assorted feats.
Recently we have started doing timed sets to build up work capacity as he will most likely start inserting some Crossfit into his program, which will have a heavier endurance component, whereas we tend to have a heavier strength component. He is able to do 10 minutes straight of 16 kilo snatches, and today performed one arm long cycle for 10 minutes straight with the 16 kilo. From here on out it will be a matter of reducing the number of hand switches, currently 1 each minute. This video is of part of a circuit we used today of 1 minute of jerks with 16 kilos and some core work. No argument can be made that Todd is a genetic freak, this is a matter of hard work and perseverance. You can do the same.

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