Sunday, February 24, 2008

Workshop with Rif, Joe, and Tracy

This Saturday I had the pleasure of assisting Rif along with Tracy and Joe Sarti during his basics kettlebell workshop at the Axis personal training center in Menlo Park, CA. It was a great chance for me to observe and learn from three great instructors and to practice my work with groups. I did kettlebells with a group of five at the Equinox Workshop, but this time I had 10 at one point. Trying to keep track of 10 trainers trying to learn Turkish Get Ups is no easy task. :)
Aside from honing my instructional skills I of course learned more than a few things. I'm really happy that Rif is starting to do these things as I know the desire to learn kettlebells is out there, and I'd rather people go right to the source as opposed to learning from questionable characters. More than a few times I heard people saying "I learned it a different way, and apparently that was the wrong way."
It's like someone teaching you to drive a car with drum brakes and then someone installs power brakes and things become much more manageable. Then a Hurst shifter, and you get the drift.


  1. great to have you there Jordan; you were a ton of help.and yes,ten people to watch over is a lot :))
    wait till you experience the RKC!

  2. Looks like it was a great seminar!!!

    Rock on!

  3. Thanks Rif. Yes Franz, it was good for all involved.