Saturday, February 9, 2008

My morning 'wake up' snatch routine

This week has been good. Good for my clients as I feel everyone is moving along nicely, and good for myself as I got some good training in. I ripped out a dozen pull-ups this morning without too much effort, so I feel strong on the way to my twenty, I just have to hit it harder over the next month.
I've devised a morning snatch routine to be performed every day. When I was a kid I always had chores, often in the morning. I connect with a hard work ethic, and I always think of farmers who have to get up first thing in the morning and get it done. I think that builds character as it's easy to be lazy in the morning and waste a good chunk of your day. You need to just pull the chord and get the motor running as quick as you can.
So, since I don't have a farm, I'm going to start doing 10 minutes of 24 kilo snatches every morning after I feel 'warmed up' from my sleep cycle.
This isn't ten minutes straight or anything crazy, just a leisurely set of snatches as I watch the morning news.
I think the main thing will be to make sure I don't end up walking around all day with bits of chalk under my fingernails. :)

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