Tuesday, July 1, 2008

200 32 kg. Snatches.

Note: I'm going to start ripping off John Wild's cool photoshop ideas from his blog.

This was hard. Not the same quality as a Max VO2, it was more of a slow grinding down as I felt my life leaving me. 200 snatches is a lot. It is twice as many as 100, but only half as many as 400, which would be harder still.
All told this took about an hour. It was lengthened by the fact that I was hitting five pull ups with 10 kg. for the first six sets, then two sets of five with bodyweight. That's right about when I lost my mind and realized I had a deep need to do 200 snatches with the 32 kg.
I've heard this mentioned before, and it was true in my case: My form improved the further I got in my sets. It improved because I had no choice if I wanted to make it through. Hands held together fine, though some blisters wanted to raise on my right palm, which is a first.
All in all it was 20 sets of 5/5 with the 32 kg. All hard-style snatches, right over the top. I know, I know, I'm stubborn like that. Average rest between sets was 1-2 minutes, with a couple of luxurious 3 minute pauses.
I am completely smoked right now, but I feel good. Accomplished. The good news is that I know I can do more. The main reason I stopped was that I had to train clients and could sense that I smelled awesome... ly bad. So I had to sprint over to Equinox and shower.


  1. That's awesome Jordan! Now I gotta try. I can't let you have all the fun. LOL :)

  2. Great job. That's really a hell of a lot of snatches with that big weight. What you just did is one of my goals. I got 150 once, but I know I can do more if the hands can take it.

  3. It's a test Bob, but it's doable.

    Thanks Aaron, it felt like a lot. :)
    I've got pretty good hands but they definitely became an issue. Realized today I had a few little cuts, and I feel muscles in my arms I didn't know I had.

  4. Very nice Jordan! Can't say I have ever tried that.

    Maybe a new goal to shoot for!

    Keep it up!

  5. Thanks Franz. Are you going to be at the L.A. RKC? I'll be there.

  6. You're a BEAST! That lift takes a lot of guts my man...love the picture and thanks for your words. We will have to meet up in a few when I am back on the left coast.

  7. Thanks John, I'll catch up with you when you're back in town.

  8. Thanks Dave, I appreciate the positive feedback.