Tuesday, May 19, 2009

7 reps military pressing the 32 kg.

Today I hit a new PR of 7 reps mil pressing the 32 kg. on my right. The last rep was hard fought and hung at the halfway point for a good 5 seconds. Left side was 3 reps. Not awesome, but better than the zero I got last time. I'm working out the flexibility issues that are stopping me on the left. All the double bell work has helped.
So I told myself I wouldn't worry about my pull ups for the Beast Challenge until I hit the 40 kg. on my press and pistol. Okay, time to start worrying because that 40 kg. press is coming up fast. I tried for a 32 kg. pull up yesterday and didn't make it, but I feel I can if I get the rig to hold the bell right and keep my form tight. I broke down about halfway up and started pulling with my arms.
Wow, I might actually pull this off.

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