Saturday, May 9, 2009

Training Progress

Training is progressing quite nicely. I am well clear of 60D nails being any kind of challenge, and knee deep in Grade 5 bolts. Today I took down three without too much difficulty. Now that I'm using the inversion table and focusing heavily on my flexibility and mobility training my left knee is almost 100% and I'm back on the pistols. I've started doing them on the Reebok Core Board, which is working my stabilizers more, and allowing me to keep building strength while I up my hamstring flexibility, as my front leg can hang below the board.
Pressing is going well. I've hit 4 reps on my right hand pressing the 32 kg. and I've hit 2 on the left. I'm working on correcting that imbalance.
All else is going well. Over the next month I'm going to be getting deeper into Z-Health as I think that will be very beneficial.

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