Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Going after a 2.5xbodyweight deadlift.

Today I weigh 170. It seems my body likes sitting around 170 lately. As it flows into my other goals I am working on a 2.5xbodyweight deadlift, which for me would mean 425 pounds. That is only 20 pounds over my last PR in September, so I'm confident I'll get it in the next couple of months. I am currently going through a Bear style PTTP format to achieve this, along with double kettlebell pressing ladders in lieu of the side press. So far I have been making consistent progress in both lifts. I am a hair's breadth from pressing the 40 kg. It's mostly mental I think. I also know that all my work swinging the double 24's and 32's has really built up my posterior chain.
I feel I can pistol the 44 kg. right now, but I'm playing it safe on that one. Still working the flexibility and increasing ROM all over. The left knee is 90% back on track.
I'm greasing the groove with the pull ups. The 32 kg. will come by August. It's obvious the Pull Up is going to be the killer for me, though I also see a large gap between pressing the 40 kg. and the 48 kg.
I have adopted a radical training strategy of taking 3-4 days off a week. It's called 'I'm lazy, but damn I'm getting stronger'.
Life is good.

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