Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to build a mutant part one

I build mutants. I have a client I've been working with for several months now (About four off the top of my head) and today she got halfway to a dead hang pull up and was knocking off rock bottom pistols. I have another who is up to weighted pistols, and his pressing strength is building fast.
So the question is: What is it about their training that is different form yours? I'm going to write a few of these covering a bit about my training methods, and this first one is just some bullet points.

1. Tension. If you don't get this aspect of training don't try jumping ahead. I've seen way too many people doing loose pistols. If you can't get tight at the top of a swing or during a get up you have no business doing pistols. Master the basics. All of my clients start off just hammering out swings and get up for the first month or two, and not much else. This may sound boring, but I have jokes.

2. Commitment. They don't miss training sessions, they don't check in with lame excuses about why they couldn't work out at home. I have to force them to take days off.

3. Grey Cook has a great quote: "Take the bombs out of your house before you start decorating." Bingo. Don't try to press a giant kettlebell if your shoulders are locked up. Don't try to do a pistol if you can't even touch your toes. Find the internal 'brakes' that are holding you back and start removing them one by one. All the time I'll have people who can't even get close to a squat or can't touch there toes say to me "Well it hasn't been a problem so far." That's great logic. Get back to me when you fracture your hip for 'no reason'. Let's not get into the habit of slamming the barn door after the horse has escaped. I have seen people who are so locked up they actually propel themselves down the street by rotating their hips back and forth vs. hip extension/flexion, knee action, etc. YOU DON'T THINK THAT'S A PROBLEM?!

4. STICK WITH YOUR PROGRAM. This is the big one. You must follow the progressions if you want to succeed. Pistols don't happen via fairy dust. Before she walked in, my client had never even thought about doing a pistol. How did she do it? About 5,000 airborne lunges, front squats, flexibility training, application of High Tension Techniques, etc.

5. Nothing comes easy. Be ready for a fight, and you'll succeed.

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