Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pistol success! Finally!

Today I hit solid rock bottom pistols on the right AND left legs with no pain, no weird pops, nothing. All of the mobility and flexibility work I have been doing has finally paid off. A few months ago I pistoled a 40 kg. on my right leg and stopped myself there as I was creating a big imbalance due to my inability to get below parallel on my left leg without pain. I was starting to think something was wrong with the knee, but the pain and stiffness would come and go so I figured it was something I could fix.
Turns out it was.
So now I'm targeting the August RKC in San Diego as my deadline for a Beast Pistol and 40 kg. Press.
"Damn Jordan, this is the longest Beast Tamer training cycle in the history of Man."
Slow and steady wins the race. Here I come Beast Tamer Hall of Fame... 2010!


  1. Nice job on the pistols!!! Must feel great!!!

    See you in San Diego!!!!

  2. Thanks Franz. I'm looking forward to it.

  3. Jordan,

    I'm psyched for you and your progress. I am 47 and have a goal to be a Beast Tamer by Auguest 2011. Current PRs, 36 KG press, 24 KG pistol and 20 KG TPU. Weighed 196 at OCt 08 RKC down to 181 now at 11% fatty tissue.