Friday, January 18, 2008


I've had a few people ask about the 'Pantera Chamber Music' on my latest video. It's a band called Apocalyptica that does covers of heavy metal songs and their own stuff as well. They do Pantera, Metallica, and Sepultura among others. One thing I like about this group is that they bring to light the compositional talents of cats like Hetfield, Hammett and Dimebag. I also dug up some stuff of them with Sandra Nasic from the Guano Apes, a band most likely only I remember.

Maybe I'm just a weirdo, but I think these guys are incredible.

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  1. My 13 year old actually introduced Apocolyptica to me when he was 9. He plays cello in his school orchestra, and his elementary school orchestra teacher gave him their CD. He knows I played in orchestra during my school years, and am a big Metallica fan, as he has been also since his was small. So he knew I would love this group. Good stuff man.