Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I want to chalk my soul

So I'm trying to be more consistent with my timed sets. I'm going to keep working the 16 kilo for 10 minute sets and try to bring my total up, while working into the 24 kilo. I started today with 4 minutes of 24 kilo snatches. No biggie, but I found out I really need to file my callouses down more. I have a pretty good corkscrew descent, so they didn't catch much, but no reason to let them build up.
I sanded down the handle on the lifeline 24 and it holds the chalk much better. For those of you who just chalk your hands and not the handle of the bell, I suggest you do so. It serves as a sort of 'back-up'. I used to just chalk my hands, now I chalk everything. Prior to this set I chalked my cats. They didn't like it. Lesson learned.
I can already feel that when I'm able to pull out 10 minutes straight of 24 kilo snatches at a respectable snatch cadence my strength and conditioning will be much improved. I have no intention of sacking the rest of my training, I just look at this as another useful tool. After all, tomorrow are Zerchers, which means tomorrow will be a good day.

BTW- I think sometimes people think I'm joking when I say I put on 300 and stand in my living room snatching. Clearly I am not joking. :)

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