Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stripping your kettlebell handle and Long Cycle video

Many people don't do this, and that's fine. I just find that the raw steel or iron holds chalk better, and the smaller I can get that handle for my hook grip, the better. Hey, I have tiny hands.
I stripped a client's pro-grade for him, so I thought I'd put up some progress photos and a short explanation for those who have not done it.

It's pretty simple, but I've seen some people take the real long way around in doing this. I just clean the handle, apply some paint remover from the hardware store, wait 15 minutes, and it comes right off with steel wool or a copper scrubber. You may need a couple applications for spots you miss. After that you want to clean it again and then get to sanding down the handle, getting rid of anything left. I could have taken this one down further until the handle is just shiny steel, but this is satisfactory.

You can also get a cleaner line at the base of the handle where the paint ends by applying some tape prior to stripping, but I prefer a kind of rugged look.
I also realized I hadn't posted my Steve Cotter Long Cycle video from youtube, so here it is.


  1. Jordan, how rough was your handle right after you stripped it? I stripped 3 handles about a week and a half ago and was surprised how rough the steel was, I'm used to DDs bells which are smooth after stripping.

    How much did you sand?

    I also tried to use tape to get a straight lines because my "OCD" brain was telling me it would look better. Didn't work so good.

    How are your sets coming?


  2. Yes, the handle was rough after I stripped it and had a couple divets in it. While I like the shape and feel of the pro-grades I think they have generally poor quality in manufacture. It looks like a paper mache yellow ball with all kinds of weird defects.
    I sanded it down for about ten minutes and could have done more, but had to split. I thought it was oddly rough, but once I chalked it, it was smoother. I think that's the key, keeping it packed with chalk.
    The sets are going well. My 24 pro-grade should be here tomorrow or friday, and then I lay the smack down.

  3. I would agree with the paper mache observation. I wish the finish was a little better, too. But, I guess the important thing is the size and proportions.

    I would love to get a 24kg, but with the move to a new state in the next month or so and starting our biz over from scratch, I have to exercise patience.


  4. Ah, patience is the worst. Hope everything goes well with the move and the busienss. Not sure who you ordered from before, but Steve Cotter has them much cheaper than everyone else I've seen on his site for when the time comes.

  5. J,
    I really like your blog. You get many visits as well. I'm a bell shaver myself . . .


  6. Thanks Will. Yeah, when I get my 24 I'm going to take it to my friend's shop and see if he can really smooth it out with his equipment. We'll see.

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