Monday, January 21, 2008

Snappy hips are happy hips

This past weekend was my first real workshop held at Equinox Fitness in Palo Alto, CA. This one was on kettlebell training. Everyone knows that's my meat and potatoes, and while I have yet to visit the RKC, I have invested myself in learning this art over the past 15 months, and feel I have the foundation necessary to pass it on.
All in all it went very well, with one hiccup.
I would not have believed this if I wasn't there.
I brought some extra kettlebells with me. My idea is that it takes 300-500 proper repetitions to build a motor engram, and we were going to get all of them this weekend. Therefore it would not behoove me to only have the kettlebells on hand at Equinox and have trainers standing around waiting their turn. It worked, and I think burning in those reps really made a difference. However.
I left my bells there overnight.
I had noticed the equinox kettlebells were a little oily, so I decided to degrease the handles. So I showed up with some alcohol pads and went to work. As I was cleaning one I noticed the stamp on it 'Russian Reds'. I thought that was weird, as I had never seen a black Russian Red. Then I noticed they also had lifeline kettlebells, but they looked newer than mine. Wow, that's weird.
I probably sat there for a full two minutes staring at them before it clicked.
Maintenance had painted my kettlebells.
God bless 'em for being so very tidy, but they had just painted my brand new Russian Red.

Equinox is replacing the damaged kettlebell, I just think it's funny.
I also believe that I have coined the phrase 'Snappy hips are happy hips'. What's the difference between that and 'quick feet are happy feet'? It's about hips and it rhymes. Duh.

Originally I wasn't necessarily looking to do this, but the opportunity presented itself and it would have been foolish to turn it down.

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