Thursday, January 31, 2008

First day at Girya, and data to disseminate.

Today was the first day I trained at Girya in Palo Alto, CA. The way I've tried to explain it to my friends and family is that it's like you're playing in a local band, and one day you get a call asking you to open for Metallica. When they were good, I mean. Before they started quoting 'poltergeist' in their songs and acting like Frenchmen. Right around 'Master of Puppets'. Maybe some old school Anthrax would have been a better analogy. Or Black Flag. Anyway.
It was very good. I feel much more at home now. The 48 kilo bells sitting in the corner mock me, and laugh at my inability to TGU them.
This past two weeks is like someone packed me into a cosmic slingshot and sent me forward a few years, and I am scrambling to take full advantage of the awesome opportunities being presented to me.
All is good in the hood.

Below are a couple cool videos I found on youtube of jerk and snatch motion analysis. It may be useful to some of you. I am also working on the post for snatching tips, so it's coming soon.

The Jerk

The Snatch


  1. great to have you on board jordan and I am psyched to read how psyched you are to be here!this is just the start....

  2. Thanks Rif. I am psyched out at how psyched you are that I am psyched. :D