Thursday, January 17, 2008

New article up, and my last beer?

I've kind of come up against it this week as far as my nutritional component goes. I've made great progress in my training, all whilst eating and drinking in a manner that would kill a lesser man. So I am even as I write this, drinking my last beer until after the TSC. Some might say I'm taking this too seriously, but seeing as I'll most likely be one of the few people present who has actually been on tactical teams, I should probably work hard to make a good showing.
I also have a new article up on
Conditioning for combat survival.
I love the rate at which I am increasing my knowledge. Looking back at this article which I wrote six months ago, there are already things i would alter, but for the most part it stands. It stands because it's simple, and brutal. I read all sorts of 'Navy SEAL workouts' and 'special forces workouts' and 9 times out of 10 they're a joke. It seems like these people don't really care about combat survival, they just want the cache of saying they've trained Marines or SEALs or whatever. As an interesting side note, I actually originally picked up the tire pulling idea I talk about in the article from SEAL Team 4 out of Dam Neck VA.

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