Monday, January 14, 2008

Go with God and a bag full of guns

If you haven't seen Kevin Bacon's new Movie 'Death Sentence', I highly recommend it. To me, this is how this kind of situation really would go down. People build up all these Hollywood ideas in their heads of how they would 'defend their family' and stuff like that, particularly the folks who are really into guns and carrying concealed weapons. Don't get me wrong, that's no kind of a hit on the gun culture, and this is coming from a guy whose probably put more rounds down range than you could ever dream of, but I do think many people aren't realistic about the end result. Pursuing a path of vengeance is essentially pursuing a path of sacrifice. Even if you make it out the other end alive you will have given up a piece of your humanity.
On a similar note I was watching this show called 'Guinea Pig' where this guy had all of these non-lethal munitions used against him, including OC (pepper spray). Not the Wal-Mart keychain pepper spray, but the real stuff. I always tell people that if they feel the need to carry a weapon, carry OC. That stuff will stop a train. I've been hit three times, and it takes the fight right out of you. It is a great option for your wife or other loved one. Aside from not being lethal, you have a much better chance of hitting your target with a stream of OC than a single bullet fired from an adrenaline jacked person.
Also, if it should ever come up, the best way to decontaminate yourself from OC is milk, as it dissolves the oil. DO NOT GET IN THE SHOWER. It will run all over your body. It's amazing to me that I still never see anyone using milk. Every time I got sprayed down I would show up with a gallon of milk and everyone would laugh at me. Guess who was laughing 15 minutes later? Not me, I was howling in pain like everyone, else, but not quite as bad.
Just my opinion.
Below are some photos for your entertainment from a couple years back.

After being lit up with OC and fighting my way through an assault course.

After being shot up with simunition in the kill house. Simunition is a hard plastic round filled with paint/detergent packed into a real shell and fired from a real pistol or automatic weapon. It hurts. The instructor said I run really freaking fast, and it's clear I don't like being shot at. :)

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