Wednesday, January 2, 2008

TRX Donation to Soldiers in Iraq

A while ago I put out a blog stating that I was looking for anyone interested in donating a TRX to some soldiers currently stationed in Iraq. The TRX is perfect for Soldiers and Marines in the field as it is highly portable and requires little room for storage.
One of my clients, Christopher Bosch donated two TRX's which are now being sent out to the Baghdad and Mosul areas respectively. I'll also be sending out an 'Enter the Kettlebell' DVD with the one going to Baghdad as I know that soldier also has a kettlebell. Once the TRX's arrive I'll be posting some photos of them in action.
In other news I did a timed set today of snatches with the 16 kilo, ten minutes with no break. It wasn't that difficult, so next up is the 24 kilo. I've sanded down the handles on the lifeline kettlebells and that seems to have fixed the issue I was having with my callouses. I also started using the Corn Husker's Lotion in addition to using a pumice stone on the callouses, and that is helping as well. You can find it at most Rite Aids.

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