Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Half of a 100 lb. TGU

Yesterday I got a wild hair in the gym and decided to try to get my 100 lb. Turkish Get Up. I had gotten into the habit of sort of hurling myself into the sitting position, but have now found properly utilizing the hip turn and pushing up off of my elbow is essential. So I got my little 100 lb. dumbbell and went at it. I managed to get all the way up on my left knee before my right arm gave out and the dumbbell returned to the earth in a rather disorganized fashion. My opinion has always been that once you get to your knee you're home free, and I think that is still accurate. Upon review I believe the flaw was in my lockout. I am going to get this, then I am going to track down someone with a 48 kilo kettlebell and put up that, and then I'm going to start doing it with weird objects like axles. It's just my thing. :)


  1. Awesome!!! Glad to hear you're getting close to your goal.

    I can't wait till you get it and then post a video of you TGUing a Volkswagen Beatle. :D

  2. Thanks Bob. A friend of mine works in a truck yard and has this stack of old axles. We'll see...