Sunday, July 27, 2008

5 minute 24 kg. snatch test- 115 reps.

That went well. I took Aaron Friday's advice and stopped setting the bell down to take long and luxurious breaks. Part of the problem was that before my shoulder strength endurance sucked, but after bringing it up I don't have that problem anymore. If anyone is doubting the ability of doing Max VO2 with a 16 or 20 kg. kettlebell to bring up your 5 or 10 minute 24 kg. snatch test numbers, you may find this progression interesting. Bear in mind that during my whole training cycle leading up to this very little work was done with any kettlebell weighing more than 16 or 20 kg.
Here's how it's gone so far.
Below is April 5th 2008 at the TSC. A measly 91 reps and I am clearly at death's door.

I started getting serious with Max VO2 and refining my snatch technique. Rif's two admonitions during the test "More backswing!" and "Lock it out!" were at the forefront of my mind. It wasn't just a matter of proper technique, these two things would shave 20% or more off of my work output if done properly.
About two months ago (I think) I squeeze out 98 reps in 5 minutes. Aaron tells me to stop setting the bell down and slow down.

He was right. My lack of a brief pause in the lockout was robbing me of active rest I needed to keep snatching.
Today I bang out 115 reps in my living room. I have really refined my backswing and my punch, and pause at the lockout.

I began at a deliberately slower pace figuring I was going to gas out around minute four. It never happened, and I realize I could have gone faster. I'm fully confident I could get 120 reps right now. Doing the mid-swing switch made a huge difference. I still need to work on it, but the basic idea is there and it probably netted me 4-5 extra snatches. I forgot to do it in the last few minutes and that cost me.
I have noticed my form is super efficient in the beginning, but as I fatigue it starts to crumble, thus my lack of a mid-swing switch at the end and the disruption of my backswing. You can see in the beginning that I am 'face to the floor' and turning slightly into the backswing. This is efficient for me as I am effectively 'riding hte bell down' vs. fighting with it. Partway through I start looking forward again and effectively make myself work harder.
More lessons learned, and I will get 125 snatches in September. Minimum.
BTW today I weighed 160 lbs. I'm still 5'8".


  1. Nice work Jordan. Good luck with the August Cert. I look forward to your insights about the weekend for those of us heading to the September event.

  2. The difference in the last video compared to the first two is massive. No wobbling and you never break good form, not to mention never putting the bell down.

    I love that funky hand transfer and will have to incorporate it into my practice. An extremely impressive performance and I think you will easily get to 125 for the TSC, especially continuing with your current training regimen .. blows me away, man, really!!

  3. Thanks Matt. I was really impressed by your run at the SSST, and know you'll nail it next time. I'll definitely have a full report during and after the cert.

    Thanks Franklin. Yeah, that transfer made a big difference. Psychologically it helped as well, as I felt like I never stopped snatching. BTW, if you run into any issues with keeping your hands together let me know, I've got a couple videos up that you may find helpful.

  4. As far as my hands are concerned I have gone the very conservative route of using Rif's taping method PLUS Tracy's sock sleeve. Between both I can snatch all day without the slightest problem. As a result, it has allowed me to improve my form considerably.

    Of course, when I start to practice 5 minute timed sets for the TSC, I will go bare-hand chalk only to simulate the extra stress of the test.

    Even with this conservative route, I still would be very interested in viewing your videos as a way to progress towards bare-hand snatching more often.

    Again thanks so much for this discourse as I feel I'm on the right path.

  5. Franklin, I'll send that info over to you.

  6. The release-catch and hand-care videos were superb! You are an excellent presenter and communicate effectively and clearly. I'll be looking for more!

    If I ever get out in your area I'll be sure to look you up to shake your hand and thank you in person.

  7. Yeah, you'll get 125. Excellent job!

    I think 3-min sets will allow you to work on your speed without draining your energy too much.

  8. No problem Franklin, I'm happy to help.

    Thanks Aaron. I'm going to work on those 3 minute sets and find my optimal pace.

  9. For the last 4 workouts or so before the TSC, I did deadlifts, pullups and a timed snatch set every Friday. Not max attempts, mind you, but each exercise, in order, in the same session.

    Heavy deadlifts are draining, and a pullup max has a way of wasting one's grip and forearms, which is not what you want just before a snatch test. Tough shit, though, because that's just how it happens.

    If you train like this, you'll adapt to it and gain confidence.

  10. Last four deadlift workouts, that is. Once a week.

  11. Thanks Aaron. Good advice, as always. I will implement it.

  12. 115 reps is awesome! Great job Jordan!

  13. Thanks Franz. I look forward to meeting you this weekend.

  14. wow wow wow wow wow!!! amazing improvment man!un befreakinglievable!a totally different snatch, a totally different condition and strength. well done man well done.
    PLUS this so eloquently proves the advantage to using a lighter weight and moving it faster. it transfers so well to the heavier weight.
    you had your bell speed up til the end. just excellent jordan, proud of you man!

  15. Jordan,

    JESUS CHRIST! Is that the same man in the first video?

    And wow, the downstroke transfer! I'm glad to see that fatique forced abandonment of that move for you too, I experienced the same thing, lol!

    Just the type of video I needed to further pump me up for this's going to be amazing!

  16. Thanks Rif. I definitely feel like it's the right path to be on and look forward to squeezing out some more reps come the TSC.

    Thanks Tracy, that's high praise. I actually didn't realize I stopped doing the dowhnhill transfer until I watched the video. During the test I was distracted by the little pink ponies dancing around my feet singing 'Oklahoma!'

  17. Rif, the fast, light-weight training no doubt improved his form and conditioning, but we all know it was my advice to stay in the game for the full 5 minutes that ultimately got Jordan his extra reps in this test. He even said as much.

    Now that he's under my control, I'll be sending him out on subliminal missions to eliminate people I don't like. The death certificates will read "V02 poisoning."

  18. Your reps were 11/19, 17/12, 11/10, 10/10, and 10/5. You slowed down noticeably on set 3. With a 10/10 scheme and a quick-change, you ought be able to keep your speed for longer, maybe even for the whole 5 minutes.