Monday, July 14, 2008

Netter's Anatomy for the iphone and ipod touch

This might be the coolest thing ever invented. I updated my Iphone with the new 2.0 software, found the app store, and promptly found the Netter's Anatomy application. This is the real deal, no shortcuts. In fact it's probably better than the flash card and CD-Rom versions. I'm sure it is. Leave me alone, I'm learning about tiny bones.


  1. that is way cool jordan. I'm about ready to get one of those phones. they look seriously cool too.

  2. Yeah, especially if you dig computers and gadgets, this thing will blow you away. There's this one application (free) that if you take a photo of anything (like a bottle of wine in the store) it will read the info in the picture and search the net for it on your phone. Crazy!
    Plus, the iphones are only $200 now, so they're cheaper than most regular cell phones. Let's face it though, if Apple slapped their logo on a box of dead rats I would buy it. I am a total brainwashed mac zombie.