Sunday, July 20, 2008

80 sets... is a lot.

On friday I ran into Cindy Glass RKC II at Equinox after I had just finished my max vo2 snatch workout. I was very proud of myself as I had completed 50 sets of 7 reps a set with the 20 kg. She then informed me that Kenneth Jay Senior RKC had upped the sets to 80. Riiiiight.
So the question was: Do I drop back to the 16 kg. at 8 reps per, or stay at the 20 kg. for 6 reps per set? I then read a post from Rif on the DD forum saying that one should 'own' 80 seets of 8 reps on the 16 before kicking it up. So I swallowed my pride and dropped to the 16 kg.
Today I hit 80 sets of 8 reps per on the 16 kg. and definitely 'owned' it. :)
I actually felt like I could keep going damn near all day. So now I will look into this boost and bring it up to the 20 kg. again. Good times.


  1. Hey Jordan,

    You mentioned Rif's comment for owning 8 reps/80sets for 16 kg before moving to 20kg. These reps, I assume are for the 15/15 scheme. Since I am focusing on the swing- don't want to mess with snatches till I get instruction from an RKC-should I shoot for the same number for swings before moving to a 20 kg.



  2. Hi Kamal. For the swings I would actually switch over to the RKC program minimum or some variation. In my opinion part of the process of moving up in weight is your ability to hold onto the bell, and the 15 seconds won't really test that. Alternating one minute of swings with one minute of active rest for 10-20 minutes will be a much better gauge of where your grip strength is at. Usually it's not total body strength or endurance that stops people in swings, but grip strength endurance.

  3. yeah...I saw it! 80 sets...damn it! Now looks like we all gotta step up the plate!

  4. Yeah, I thought it was just for that one guy, then Cindy told me it's for everyone. I went back to the 20 kg. and took it up to 60 yesterday. That extra 10 sets makes a big difference. :) Little by little I'll work it up to 80.