Monday, July 7, 2008

Reflecting on Max VO2 and the Warrior Diet

For the past couple of weeks I've been off the warrior diet. The main reason is that my training schedule often goes until 9pm, which makes it very difficult to get a real warrior meal in if I'm pretty much training from 2-9pm. I finally hit a point with it where I felt the benefits were being lost due to my schedule and I would be better off returning to a regular diet and just eating better.
Today I did a Max VO2 session with the 20 kg.- 15/15 style. Something that should not have been a 'lifetaker' almost took mine. Sure I was sweating out some ice cold toxins from the day before and had done a pretty good row on the Russian River, but you can just tell when something is 'off'.
As I think others who work odd shifts may run into this problem, I believe I have come up with a solution, at least for myself. I just need to schedule my meal preparation the way I would schedule anything else, and understand that it is an important part of my training.
I think that the Max VO2 kettlebell snatch protocol is going to go down in history with the many other great programs that people use as standards like Smolov, PTTP, Westside Barbell, etc. I've been doing it kind of scattershot since March and brought myself up to a point where I can hit the 36/36 with a 20 kg. for 15-16 reps per set. For myself the biggest challenge is not jumping up to heavier bells or kicking it up to more reps just because I think I can. Pushing forward too soon will get you nowhere fast.
This week I am reorganizing my training in an effort to find the most direct line to achieving my goals. Aside from the TSC and a respectable SSST I would also like to do some nail bending and other feats of strength. Initially I was altering the entire plan to address this, but I think that was an error. While these things do require specialized training, it should be a smaller percentage of the program and not a complete overhaul. Keep the base consistent and strong, and build off of that.
It's a learning process, we all make mistakes. The people who are most greatly and negatively impacted by their mistakes are those who cannot admit to them, and then learn from them.
Having gone back through my training logs and assessed the situation, what I find to be common factors in my successful progression include:
-Max VO2 snatch protocol
-Limited heavy snatching
-Grind specific days
-1-2 Deadlift specific days (to be mixed or interchanged with kettlebell grinds) for TSC prep

In addition to this I require more swings and consistent and proper pressing.

Consider this quote:
"You have to turn your opponent into an assistant in his own ass whipping."
-From 'Unforgivable Blackness' The Biography of Jack Johnson

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