Tuesday, July 15, 2008

RKC Snatch test numbers

Ok, right now I weigh in at 160 lbs. on the nose. This means my RKC snatch requirement is 52 snatches. Well... I've never done the snatch test. Whoops. It kind of slipped by me. I mean, I've done a boatload of snatches (obviously if you follow this blog) but I've never done the official test. So at 9:45 pm tonight I hoisted my 24 kg. and went to work. I finished out with 60 snatches, 30 on each hand. No problem. I really took my time and ensured a good solid lockout on each one. I was actually surprised as I figured it would be more of a struggle. Don't get me wrong, it was hard and I was breathing like a locomotive, but I feel I could have gone up to 70 before I actually lost my grip on the thing. I'll take it outdoors and go for a PR in the next week or so.
Ok, Ok Aaron, you were right! Happy now?! If I don't put down the bell and I slow down I see that I can eclipse my old 5 minute snatch test number, probably by quite a bit. Fine. Whatever.


  1. LOL! You know I'm right. Now train that way and kick the hell out of your old PRs.

    Nice, brutal set you did there. I always figured you were a bigger guy, but you're about the same size as me, although younger and not nearly as bald as I am.

  2. Nope, I'm a little dude.
    However, someday I will be older than you. That's how time works. I'll still have more hair.

  3. Not if you die first.

    The hair on my head migrated to my back and my ass. I'm feeling really good about that change. Now I need to find a way to profit from it.