Thursday, July 17, 2008

New shoes, the inch dumbbell, and 28 kg. of pain

Today I got some new shoes. Vibram Five Fingers.
I couldn't find any stores in SF or the Peninsula that carried them, so I randomly called the REI in San Carlos. They didn't carry them either, but they had one pair. Someone had ordered them special and decided they didn't want them. They just happened to be in my size, the model I wanted, and the color I wanted. Seriously? I lead a charmed life.
These things are awesome. They really force you to walk properly, and I feel much more stable and have better foot flexibility in them. My pistols feel much more solid.
I decided to do a mini snatch workout with the 28 kg. today. It went up easy and I'm handling the weight the way I usually handle the 24 kg. I did snatches on the minute, 5 each side for 10 minutes for a total of 100 28 kg. snatches in 10 minutes. Finished strong, and I know I can rip out more than that.
Found this video on youtube of a guy working the Inch Dumbbell. Pretty inventive stuff.

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  1. Jordan,

    I've been wearing my VFF since January. I absolutely LOVE them and all of my clients get a kick out of them. Everyone asks about them and they ALWAYS turn heads when I'm out. Some of my clients and co-workers call them my "Spiderman Shoes". They say it looks like I can walk up a wall with them. Go figure. :)

    They have truly changed my training for the better. I am flat footed and now never get shin splints when I sprint as well as can truly feel how I grip the ground in my KB work. I wear them almost everywhere. Your feet, ankles, and calves get so strong from them.

    I recently bought my wife a pair too. I have the classics and she has a pair of the sprints.