Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rocking the Warrior Diet

I've been back on the warrior diet for two days now since my two week hiatus. Does it make me sound like a Zealot if I say I already feel a thousand percent better? Well I do. I killed my deadlifts and snatches today, and feel on a more even keel. My eating has been much better, super clean, and I'm full of vegetables.
I can definitely feel myself snapping back to where I was before, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's Snatch VO2. I'm still keeping it ratcheted back a bit after Sunday's massacre, but I'm feeling like I'll be back to my former self soon.
Of course correcting my training path had a little to do with it. :)
Another important piece of the puzzle has been committing myself to an hour a day of stretching and foam roller work until I dig myself out of this hole I'm in. A half hour in the morning, a half hour in the evening. Remember kids, your recovery is just as important as your training.
Stay classy... internet.


  1. I'm glad you're back on the WD. I'm still goin strong since Feb. I've spoke with Ori a few times when I've hit a roadblock and he has always set me straight. That man is a guru fo sho!!! He is so full of knowledge. Did you happen to catch him on FOX the other morning? They brutally disrespected him. Check it out here:,1020.0.html

    A few posts down you'll see the link I posted.

    Regarding recovery I have always loved telling my clients: "Recovery Proceeds Growth". It's so true :)

    Good post Jordan

  2. Oh and here's Ori's personal blog post about what happened over at FOX. What a joke those FOX people are.

  3. I checked it out. Yeah, lame. It's the media though, I expect nothing more.