Sunday, April 13, 2008

20 kilo Max VO2- 40 sets

I like the Max VO2 so much now I decided to do it again today. This time per Rif's inspiration I bumped up to the 20 kilo and dropped back to the 15/15 protocol. I am definitely going to hang with the 36/36 as I like the brutality of it and I snatch fast anyway, but this is good to pepper in. I stayed at 6 reps per 15 throughout. You can see I'm holding my lockout at the end. I could have bumped it up to 7 reps, but hands were a concern. They're still fine, no rips, no nothing. There are a couple spots on my left hand I need to tape and shave down, but I have throughoughly mastered the drop and catch, and it has made all the difference.
This got me breathing, but I have to say if I didn't care about my hand health I could have ripped through it all. I have a sneaking suspicion I can do this with a 24 kilo. We'll see.
I am so full of energy it's ridiculous. I headed up to my girl's place in Guerneville after I left Girya and actually wanted to do the 36/36 with the 16 kilo, but had to hold myself back as I probably would have shredded my hands.
Feelin' good in the neighborhood.

BTW, I think the Mohawk has made me stronger. I'm totally serious.


  1. nice work dude! good to see you going in this direction. and yes, hair makes a difference, as you know I know,lol.

  2. Thanks Rif. The Jor-hawk gives me power.