Saturday, April 12, 2008

A day of PR's

This should probably be in the other blog, but I was so pleased with how things went today I thought I'd post it here. I got a wild hair today at Equinox and decided to do the 36/36 snatch protocol. One of the trainers there, Chris Nash bravely opted to join me. My last tested snatch cadence is 18 snatches per 36 seconds (16 kilos). We went for 15 total sets. I slipped a few times and ripped out 20 snatches, so I need to re-test. I wasn't even that winded, but no chalk at the Nox and the bell was too slippery to hold on to. Chris hung in there like a trooper through the whole thing, which was impressive as he's just started snatching.
Next up I did 5 sets of 20 32 kilo two handed swings. Then 5 minutes of 24 kilo Get Ups. Then some singles with the 32 kilo. Then I pulled out a rock bottom pistol on my right leg for the first time ever. It was hairy, but I did it.
I was on a roll so I figured I'd military press the 32 kilo. For the first time ever I military pressed it on my right side. Left side wasn't ready to join the party.
This is good. I can't overlook the fact that I've jerked the 40 kilo, pressed the 32, and achieved a full pistol all since starting the warrior diet.
Right now I know I can snatch the 40 kilo and get my 100 lbs. get up, but as Rif has said a few times regarding his own training "Don't get greedy."
So I'm going to train for it and I will achieve these feats soon.


  1. Jordan

    great PRs man. I have to respectfully disagree with Rif--Get greedy, take everything you can and than more. LOL

    Lots of great stuff you have going out there brother. I am going to take up your offer for the site this month, please shoot me an email

  2. Awesome job Jordan.

    Hey I'm curious though... Why did you do 15 sets of the Snatch Protocol? Isn't that making one arm left out since you switch every other set?
    That's what my impression was at least.


  3. He's probably walking around in circles now because of the imbalance, LOL!

    Jordan, I want to see that 40kg snatch. I'm afraid of trying it myself and need you to give me a push.

  4. Thanks Adam. I'll get it when the time is right. I have to wait for it to let it's guard down, then choke it out. :)
    I'll e-mail you about the site, looking forward to it.

    Bob, thanks. I would have carried through to the last set, but the bell was so slippery I would have lost it.

    Aaron, I have indeed fallen over twice today just trying to walk :)

    I have to say I would be very surprised if you couldn't snatch that 40. I will do it in the next couple weeks. Well, probably this week. My patience isn't that great. Plus, there are some Beasts in Girya mocking me every day I don't use them.

  5. I need to get a 40. The heaviest I have is a 28. :(

    The heaviest they have where I get my bells is a 32. I don't have the money right now to have a Beast shipped to me, but hopefully soon. I think it would feel awesome to swing and snatch one of the big boys. :)

    Hey Jordan- where the "Beasts at Girya" razz ya for not goin heavy get them on endurance.

    As Mel Gibson said in "Signs": "Swing Away!"

    Just keep swingin. :D

  6. Sounds good Bob. I'd definitely rep out with a 32 before tackling the 40. I'm just shooting for over 10 snatches each side with the 32 before I bump up.