Monday, April 28, 2008

New site design and stress reduction

I've been gearing up to make another push on the business side of things and it's going well. People often ask me how I avoid stress, or deal with stress, and I generally have the same answer "You can only be under as much stress as you allow yourself to be."
This is true in a couple of ways. Some people create stress for themselves. I did this a lot and had to pull the throttle back to reduce it. This meant not working to improve my website every minute of every day. Another factor is just relaxing, even in the midst of stress. You can reduce your own stress levels by just taking a breath and calming down. The same three count breathing technique that I teach for slowing your breathing down during Max VO2 workouts can be applied to everyday situations. I picked this up from Lt. Col. Grossman's Bulletproof Mind CD series. It's four steps: breathe in, hold, breathe out, hold, repeat. All on a 3 count. If you can maintain discipline long enough to do this, you can slow your breathing pattern down. You lose control of your breathing, and you're finished.
So I'm now back to working on the website again, attempting to make it more eye catching, slightly less threatening :) and easier to navigate. Stage one is fleshing out the graphics, one of which I have included below.
I'm working on making myself look a little less saintly. Or maybe I'll just go all the way and add a halo.

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