Saturday, April 19, 2008

The kettlebell snatch 'drop and catch'

Below is a video I put together explaining the drop and catch method of descending from the lockout of the kettlebell snatch. This technique is the reason I can hit Max VO2 4 times a week and not shred my hands. Bearing in mind I use no hand protection such as gloves or anything else.


  1. Yes, you do have "lady hands". They are very shoft and schmoove.
    P.S. If I were still in California, I would totally have to veto the Jor-hawk. It is no bueno. You are not in Blink 182, give it up. That said, nice video, nice site, I see your video viewership it gettin up there! :)

  2. Dumb question. Why not just wear gloves?

  3. I'll pretend you didn't say that.
    Why don't I wear a helmet when I ride a motor cycle? Why don't I wear hearing protection when I shoot?
    I've found if people have funky technique, even wearing gloves won't really make that much of a difference when doing high rep snatching. Plus I prefer the tactile sensation afforded by the lack of a glove.

  4. Strong hands are a very important link in the chain of being able to do stuff. Skin counts. Also, you can't wear gloves during the RKC snatch test, the TSC, Girevoy Sport, powerlifting, strongman, or weightlifting.

    Gloves are OK for bodybuilding. Not OK for strength sports.

  5. Very well put together Jordan.

    "..I have small hands, i have hands like a lady..." priceless.

    Your site is looking great brother.

  6. Thanks Adam. Soon enough yours will be coming along as well.