Friday, April 25, 2008

Yeah... so... that was hard.

Today I hit the 36/36 for the first time with the 20 kilo bell. Hit 15 reps per cycle and made it through 14 sets. This one definitely kicked me in the ass, and I could really feel the cardio difference. My grip is getting much better, but it's still being tested. I don't see that ending anytime soon.
Good times.


  1. thats a tough starting place for the 20 kgs dude, good job.

  2. Thanks Rif. I file it under 'hard, but doable'.

  3. your comment about Grandma and Elvis cracked me up....nice work man

  4. hey Jordan, I always count on your blog for solid common-sensical training but I have a question about your undereating; it doesn´t make sense. My common sense says you need to eat if you want to grow stronger. But your progress is prima facie evidence that eating isn´t so important.

    Do you have any input on why you succeed despite not eating so much? Is eating 6 times a day something geared more for elite athletes whereas regular joes can get by with less? I don´t know. Do you have any ideas?

  5. Rob, I had the same perspective when I first heard about this, and it is totally counter to everything I have been doing as I was a big advocate of eating often. The concept behind that was keeping the metabolism ramped up, nutrients in the systems, etc.
    I'm actually not eating that much less. My evening meal lasts up to 3 hours, so I'm getting a lot of food in there. Plus, like you said the proof is in the pudding. I'm much stronger than I was before and not really much smaller.
    I advise just checking out the book and giving it a couple weeks. In addition to increased performance, lower bodyfat, and more muscle mass, the allergies I've been plagued with for 11 years have vanished.
    Instead of thinking of it as making eating not important, it is placing prime import on eating, and more importantly on quality of food. Much of the food you are taking in is effectively dead, whereas all the food I take in now is organic, healthy, and much more alive. So really, I'm getting more nutrients than people who might eat three times as much as I do, but lack quality control.