Friday, April 25, 2008


Yesterday I was beyond smoked from the Weds. workout. It was beneficial as I learned that I should be planning my recovery in the same manner that I plan my training. I still have been doing it, just not with as much detail as I should.
I woke up yesterday with shoulders and knees complaining. Did my goofy little Z circles and bam, shoulders are 100%. Rolled out the IT band and bam, knees are 100%. proceeded to roll, stretch, and Z myself the rest of the day but still felt like a zombie. Soaked and went to bed early, now everything is good. Shaking off some residual dust, but ready to go. Today it's going to be 36/36 with the 20 kilo, 15 reps per set. I'm going for 14 sets to start, but may end up going the full 20. We'll see.

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